Know any good priests?

The parish I serve, Christ Church in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is seeking a curate. This is a new position for a full-time curate — priest or transitional deacon. All sorts of great things are happening here, and we need more clergy leadership to sustain our numerical and spiritual growth.

If you (or someone you know) is interested, you can find a brief job posting on the diocesan website. You can visit our church website. To get a flavor for who we are, also visit our flickr site and our youtube channel.

A few days ago, I sent out an email to some friends. It’s below the fold, if you’d like to learn more. Email me or contact Betsy Fornal, our diocean deployment officer, with questions or to apply.

This is personally exciting — and our community it thrilled — because amazing things are happening in this little corner of Christianity. Spread the word — we’re looking for another guide on our pilgrimage adventure.

Dear friends,

I’m writing to see if you know any priests (or transitional deacons) who might be looking for a bit of an adventure. We have received a grant here at Christ Church, and we’re just about done with some internal funding, so that we can call a second full-time priest. This is probably a good first (or second) job for someone. I’d love for someone to start ASAP.

The formal job description isn’t quite ready, but I wanted to get word out as soon as possible. I’d love to talk with anyone who might be interested. Here’s the deal:

Christ Church is experiencing some real growth. Worship attendance is up 20%+ over last year. Our church school is up. In the last year, we went from having no adult formation to attracting 25-45 adults on most Sundays. All around, things are hopping. Still, there are some major challenges. Our primary symptom is lousy stewardship, but that itself is just a symptom of a deeper problem. There hasn’t been enough space and time for God here for many years. The place was understaffed, so there weren’t enough of the kind of programs that could help people find God in their own lives. We have lots of great leaders, but many are exhausted.

I’m looking for a second priest to help us offer programs and ministries that will deepen faith and inspire growth. These will mostly be small groups. Some may be traditional formation groups (Alpha, DOCC, EFM). Others could be affinity groups (new mothers, people in their 20s, the elderly). Still more might be based around activities (prayer circles, knitting groups, Habitat construction crews).

We have a large church school. There are nearly 150 kids enrolled, and we confirmed 17 this year. But we offer almost nothing for middle- and high-school kids on Sunday morning. I’d like help implementing J2A or something similar.

Our Sunday evening alternative worship service is taking off. It’s called Emmaus and it’s an emergent service: candles, incense, interactive message/reflection, projected images, film clips, modern music. We’re getting 30+ people, having done almost no publicity. Our youth group, which also meets on Sunday evenings, is getting about twice as many kids as last year. I’m looking for some leadership in our Sunday evening program.

This is NOT a youth pastor job. We have paid youth ministers. I’m looking for a priest who can help lead us into a deeper relationship with God and with one another. I’m not looking for a Sunday school teacher, but someone who can lead our volunteer church school director and our many teachers.

Then, of course, there’s all the usual stuff — pastoral care, preaching, and liturgical presiding. I’m glad to divide up the parish work based on the passions and gifts of whoever we call.

If you know if someone who might be a good fit, please have them contact me by phone or email. I’m personally excited to be here, because this is not a same-old, same-old Episcopal Church. We are experiencing extraordinary growth in spiritual vitality and numbers here, and I’m hoping for a fellow traveler on this great adventure.


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