Anglicans aren’t the only ones with “creative” liturgy…

Sure, you’ve seen the zydeco mass and the U2charist. But have you seen the Masster of Puppets? Yes, that’s right. A puppet mass.

I actually think there’s a place for this kind of radically creative — sometimes shocking — liturgical expression. It forces us out of our normal perspective, into contemplating why we do what we do. At its best, it opens us to the Holy Spirit in new ways. However, this requires the creativity to be done for the right reasons, and it’s not easy.

Too often, these things are warmed over liturgical ideas from the 1960s. They’re about as fresh as bouffant haircuts or bellbottom pants. Take, for example, the rather sad music that accompanies the puppet mass. And the fact that it seems to be in a hotel ballroom. Hardly a place for transcendence.

By the way, I’m one of the few people on the planet who liked the (in)famous clown Eucharist from Trinity, Wall Street. I liked it because it was well done — and not just the same BCP stuff said by a chasuble-wearing person in clown paint. Watching a silent Eucharistic prayer actually caused me to think about the essential meaning of the rite in new ways. Seeing bubbles instead of incense was both humorous and illuminating. But that’s just me.

Anyway, I’ll be happy if I never see anything like this Masster of Puppets for the rest of my life. I just give thanks I don’t have to apologize for this one, since it seems to have been done by our Romish sisters and brothers. Lord have mercy upon them.

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  1. Don Parker says:

    Hi Scott,

    I loved the Masster Puppet Mass! I can see us doing something like that here at St. Mary’s. Did you notice that the congregation had a good share of folks like me – 65 and over! Gives me hope.


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