Back in the saddle!

Hello, dear readers. A few weeks ago, I signed off just before our wonderful vacation in Japan. My original plan was to resume full-on blogging once I got back to the US. However, parish life was just a bit too nutty for me to have time for this. Now things are (sort of) humming along smoothly, so I’m back here. Golly, I have a lot of accumulated stuff to post here. I’ll try to catch up gradually, over the next few days.

If you didn’t check them out, you can find photos of the Japan trip over on flickr. I noticed there’s something wrong with the colors. I think either iPhoto or flickrUploadr are killing things when I resize the pics. You can see this if you compare our 2008 trip to the set from our 2006 trip to Japan. If I can figure it out, maybe I’ll upload a fresh, brighter set.

One of the photos was blogged here. It’s all in Japanese, and the Japanese-to-English web translator was of no use. I hope it’s kind. [See below for an update.]

More on Anglican drama (and drama queens) in the next few posts. Also, you can look forward to techno-sundries!

UPDATE: The author of the blog posting about my flickr photo has commented here — thanks! Turns out that I made a wrong assumption. The blog posting is in Chinese, not Japanese. So here’s the machine translation. In my defense, Japanese kanji are very similar to Chinese writing. On the other hand, I should have noticed the difference. Well, fortunately it’s all sorted out now!

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2 Responses

  1. Horance Chou says:

    Hi, I’m the owner of, thanks a lot for your photo on flickr, “Please do it at home”. The post with your photo is talking about what i saw on train in Taiwan. It’s written in Chinese, the translator result of is pretty good. thanks again!

  2. Peter Carey says:

    Welcome back to blogland, I hope you had a great time in Japan!

    I hoped our church would have figured everything out and solved everything that we are currently mucking around before you got back, but, alas, the strange story goes on….

    Hope you are well – !


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