Tomorrow is not Low Sunday!

Tomorrow is the Conclusion of the Octave of Easter Day. Or the Second Sunday of Easter. Or my favorite, Quasimodo Sunday. Whatever it is, don’t call it Low Sunday, please. There’s nothing “Low” about a Sunday in Eastertide. If you’re clergy or a choir member and you’re tired from Holy Week, get over it. Fill the church with love and Good News, and the church will fill with people. Fill the church with noise and whining about how great last week was, and how the church is empty, and the church will indeed stay that way.

So tomorrow, please don’t preach about “Low Sunday.” Preach about Thomas, doubt, and faith. Preach about Jesus Christ. Preach about the power of the Good News. Sing alleluias with all the gusto you can muster.

If you stick to the “Low Sunday”  theme, this is what you’re doing. Stop it!

Cartoon from ASBO Jesus.

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2 Responses

  1. one of my pet peeves indeed!

    the things which most causes “low sunday” thinking:

    1) Saying “low sunday”;
    2) Giving the choir the week off;
    3) Not having services all easter week;
    4) Clergy taking vacations after easter.

  2. I prefer “Thomas Sunday” myself.

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