Gun control is A Good Thing, reason #1387

Gun owners killing other people is one good reason for gun control. Gun owners killing a couple of hundred other people is an even better reason. How can this be, you ask? Read on…

A gun belonging to the pilot of a US Airways plane discharged as the aircraft was on approach to land in North Carolina over the weekend, the first time a weapon issued under a federal program to arm pilots was fired, authorities said Monday.

Airline and federal officials said flight 1536 was not in any danger as a result of the incident, which occurred about 9:50 a.m. MDT on Saturday. There were 124 passengers, two pilots and three flight attendants on board the flight at the time. No one was injured.

I think pilots should focus on flying the plane. That’s enough to keep them busy. Keeping bullets from puncturing the plane’s skin and thus killing everyone on board is one thing that we can prevent pilots from worrying about.

From Channel 7 in Denver, via Upgrade: Travel Better. Image from the latter.

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