Smiley has been liberated

Wal-Mart, everyone’s favorite evil corporation, had attempted to trademark the smiley face. Yes, the wholesome yellow grin that has graced our lives since 1963. Yes, the happy face invented by Harvey Ball, who is not Wal-Mart.

Well, it turns out that Wal-Mart got a little testy over some parody sites, notably and No sense of humor for these oppressing, insurance-refusing, employee-cheating types.

Justice was served a few days ago, when a US court sided with the parodist. The judge made it clear that Walmart does not own that smiley face. 🙂

Yes, you can go back to using emoticons without losing sleep. Incidentally, in the course of conducting extensive background research for this posting, I noticed a helpful list of all emoticons. Who knew that wikipedia could be so useful. =O

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