Why things are hard in the Anglican Communion, part II

I wrote about the pace of change making things hard for us in the Anglican Communion. Then there are basic cultural gaps. Let us take, for instance, a simple thing. Counting money. You know, the money that pays for humble bloggers like me to travel in steerage to foreign realms while the conservatives all fly in chartered jets.

How many different ways can there be for one to count money? From the looks of this video, lots. Let us, ahem, count the ways.

And if we don’t count money the same way, it makes sense that we might not think of money the same way. Perhaps we don’t think of individual rights the same way. Maybe we don’t think of God’s sovereignty the same way. Yes, there are many differences amongst our cultures in the Anglican Communion. This is just one trivial yet strangely captivating difference.

From Metacafe, via Boing Boing


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