Getting on with God’s mission

Christopher, over at Thanksgiving In All Things, seems to have it about right. Writing about the “mess” we’ve gotten ourselves into in the church, he says:

That we’re some kind of club. That somehow it’s a terrible thing to be “out”. That somehow, someone can be “outed”. And for the life of me, I cannot figure this out in myself or anyone else. We’re not a very happening or enjoyable club. We’re often the worst of sinners, the most bigoted, the most prone to confuse faith and ideology, the most likely to be found with our pants down. We’re often not very nice, not to one another, and certainly not to anyone outside the club. We’re really quite a mess, and so when we get all caught up in who’s in and who’s out, we miss the point really.

I don’t get excited about church because of club membership status. I get excited because of who God shows us he is for us. From the beginning, in Creation, God placed himself at the heart of the world. In God there is no inside or outside. Though hidden, God is present and among us. In Christ, we know who that God is. I get excited about this Jesus. He shows us that this is a loving God, a good God, a God who cares, a God who is willing to put up with our shit, even die because of it. And rise again to forgive!

Right. And Christopher has a brilliant idea for Bishop Gene Robinson’s travels during this summer’s Lambeth Conference.

Bishop Robinson should jolly well go to merry England. But let him be joined by Archbishop emeritus Tutu and others not at Lambeth, but in the gay districts and the economically depressed districts of major English cities.

Let’s finally get on with God’s Mission, shall we?

Where are the gay districts throughout England? They need to hear the Word of God’s love for them in Christ. Celebrate Morning Prayer. Share the Supper in which God feeds us his very self. Do bible studies. And then ask ourselves a question, having gathered and been fed on Christ:

Where are the poor and economically struggling? They need some bread for food and a bit of wine for merriment. They need a Word of God’s hope in Christ. Celebrate Morning Prayer. Share the Supper in which God feeds us his very self. Do bible studies.

Sounds like just what the church should be doing. I’d love to go on that trip! Imagine how spiritually refreshed the church would be with that kind of work, rather than legislating, shaming, pontificating, and dividing. Imagine how amazing it would be if the church were loving, serving, and saving. Imagine.

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