Seven deadly sins get a freshening up

Pope Benedict must be running out of things to do. He’s produced a new list of the seven deadly sins. [OK, so I’m playing a bit loose with the Pope here, to make a point and for a bit of humor. I know these are not “official.”] Naturally, “bioethical” sins hold the top spot. Just as you’d expect, the committee of men has placed a “sin” that affects women the most at the top of their list. I might have placed “leading Christians into error” at the top of the list, but they didn’t ask me.

Until they get updated, I hadn’t thought much about the good old seven deadlies. Now that I’ve seen the new list, I kind of miss the old list. They were, somehow, timeless. Now that we’re opening them to revision (what will Benedict revise next?!), I figure I might as well come up with my own list of seven deadly sins. I’ve created a handy chart showing the original list, Benedict’s list, and my list. You pick the deadliest list, and don’t do those things!

Original Benedict 7WD
Pride “Bioethical” violations such as birth control Men naming sins that affect women as most important
Envy “Morally dubious” experiments such as stem cell research “Morally dubious” cover-ups of abuse by priests
Gluttony Drug abuse Demonizing and criminalizing addictive behavior, instead of medically treating it
Lust Polluting the environment Agreed: polluting the evironment
Anger Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor, by preaching about abortion more often than economic injustice
Greed Excessive wealth Preaching about “excessive wealth” when you live in a palace and own priceless artistic treasures
Sloth Creating poverty Creating oppression of women

So before anyone gets worked up, I mean this to be a little cheeky. I also mean it to make a point that Benedict, like all of us, might want to check his own sinfulness before casting stones. On another day, I might make a more serious attempt to write a list of seven deadly sins. I think there will be some mention of war, and certainly poverty. It will probably include bloggers, but will probably not include birth control.

What is your list?

(Incidentally, I saw this news first over on Boing Boing, not exactly known for its religious coverage.)

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