GAFCON = old news

AMiA? Dusty.

CANA? Once was all the rage.

GAFCON? Snooze.

Here’s the latest, buried in the comments over at Amy Welborn’s blog:


An historic gathering of conservative Anglican leaders took place February 26, 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Heads of 29 different Anglican bodies signed the concordat forming the Anglican/Episcopal Initiative for Orthodox Unity. Points of agreement included rejection of women’s ordination and repudiation of polyester chasubles.

The new Initiative represents 442 bishops, 137 priests, and 14 lay members. The organization, abbreviated AEIOU(y), is known colloquially as “the Vowel Movement”.

Sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to satirize this stuff. This one is just shy of being credible.

Tip o’ the Canterbury Cap to Stand Firm. Yes, boys and girls, I visit those realms on occasion.

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