Today is the Lord’s Day, not the Sabbath

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Sabbath. It’s easy to confuse, and hard to keep. The Creedal Christian has written about the Sabbath, reminding Christians that our Sabbath is still, well, the Sabbath. Sunday is the Lord’s Day, which is a whole different ball of wax (51% beeswax, natch).

After noting the differences in themes in the collects for Saturday and Sunday, the Creedal Christian ends thusly:

The Prayer Book differentiates Saturdays and Sundays because their theological meanings are quite different. So rather than calling Sunday the Sabbath, it is more theologically and liturgically accurate to call it “the Lord’s Day.” Confusing or conflating these two days, we lose the richness of their respective meanings and how we can and should observe them.

Amen. So today, whoop it up — for the Lord. And then later this week, when the Sabbath comes, rest.

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