Good things happening at Camp Allen

I don’t know much about what’s happening with our bishops down in Texas. ENS hasn’t had much to say yet. Bishop Christopher Epting wrote a quick note on his blog, including this bit:

We are in the midst of a “reconciliation retreat” now led by Canon Brian Cox (an evangelical Anglican from the Diocese of Los Angeles) and The Hon. Joanne O’Donnell (a judge and partnered lesbian woman from the same diocese). Together they run the Reconciliation Institute in Santa Barbara and have worked together across the country.

The purpose of their movement “is not to resolve any particular conflict such as ones over human sexuality or The Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report, but to transform the culture of our church to one of faith-based reconciliation and to spread this vision to the world-wide Anglican Communion. By a combination of presentations and small group exercises to explain the core values of faith-based reconciliation, we hope to learn peacebuilding skills in a climate conducive to the divine work of transforming human hearts.”

Seems like appropriate work for bishops during Lent!

Amen. I hope they can truly create a reconciling culture. That would be good for the House of Bishops and good for our church. Generally, we’re much better at yelling than listening.

Incidentally, Susan Russell has written an open letter to the bishops commending them for this work. Can I have another Amen for my friend in California?

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