Why things are hard in the Anglican Communion

There are lots of reasons why things are hard in the Anglican Communion. The reasons are surely complex. It can’t be blamed solely on the Episcopal election in New Hampshire in 2003. It can’t be blamed solely on inflexible bishops in developing countries. There are cultural, political, economic, sociological, and, yes, theological differences at work.

But we often forget two things about the Anglican Communion. First, it’s very young. The first Lambeth Conference was only 141 years ago. Second, the world is changing so fast that it would be impossible for a global entity not to be plagued by difficulty.

Want something to mull over? Watch this video.

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1 Response

  1. Art Martone says:

    Hi, Scott

    That video is . . . what? Eye-opening? Sobering? Enlightening? Invigorating? All those thoughts, and more, flashed as it played.

    Thanks for posting it.

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