The Last Supper, according to BSG

In homage to Da Vinci, the crew of Battlestar Galactica posed for a “Last Supper” photo.

Of course, with the ceiling shape, it recalls Dali’s work also. I don’t know exactly why they chose to pose this way, but it seemed like a blogalicious photo. I saw this over at Boing Boing, which says this was a shoot for Entertainment Weekly, though I can’t fathom why. Maybe a cover for Holy Week, hoping to grab some Christian eyeballs?

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2 Responses

  1. I love Jesus. I love Battle Star Galactica. But that is a bit odd. Usually I like that stuff, but something doesn’t make me laugh at it. Maybe it is because Michael Trucco is not given a more prominent position. I don’t know.

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure it’s so much “funny” is “provocative.” I still don’t quite get the point of it.

    On the other hand, it’s probably about as “authentic” as the DaVinci portrayal we all accept as Gospel fact.


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