Seminary thought police?

It turns out that all the conservatives fears about the presence of a “thought police” at liberal Episcopal seminaries is true. Sarah Dylan Breuer reports on some technology that’s been installed at EDS.

Note: for the humor challenged, this is a joke. Via Blogula Rasa.

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4 Responses

  1. fortunately I run Linux here at VTS. 🙂

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    What, you think They can’t code up something for X Window or whatever you use?

    Frankly, you make it easier for them. Your easily readable log files are much less of a challenge for monitoring than Windows event logs. 😉

  3. yes, but i have Actual Security ™.

  4. Peter Carey says:

    we’d all better watch out or the GBEC, General Board of Examining Chaplains will try to adopt this means of giving comment on GOEs,

    luckily, their web/computer acumen is pretty low at this point! (and they don’t read blogs, right?)

    Peter Carey
    I’m through the GOE “process” so I can talk a little smack … all in good fun!

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