Unmasking idols and demons

This was over at ASBO Jesus:

I wish. I wish Christians would have this kind of spine more often. We Episcopalians get all excited about the last two promises in the Baptismal Covenant, and we forget the beginning bits about rejecting Satan. And although it’s not fashionable among liberals, I believe that consumerism and its temptation are of the Devil. You heard that right.

So stand up. Point the finger. Name the idols, the demons, the tempters. Instead of getting on the news for worrying about who’s having sex with whom, how about going down to the local mall and doing some talking. Talk to people about how God loves them, and they don’t need to look taller/thinner. Having the right things won’t help you find happiness for more than a few minutes. Say that. And tell them you’re doing that because you’re a Christian.

That’ll get them talking. And thinking. Perhaps even praying.

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