Write a sermon you’d never hear, and make a buck

Geez Magazine is having a sermon-writing contest. Their contest is not the usual. They want 750 word sermons that you’d never hear in church. I can’t wait to read the winners. So start writing!

Preaching is hard, both on the producing and the receiving side. I labor over sermons, and I never know exactly how it’s going to go over. I sit there, listening to others, wondering when the preacher will get to the point. And then I hope that the point is compelling, in a life-changing world-loving sort of way.

What could a sermon “that you’d never hear in church” say? I’d like to know, because that’s probably exactly what we should be saying in sermons.

Oh, by the way, I was happy to discover Geez Magazine and this contest on another priest’s blog. I’ll probably keep reading the blog, and I’ll definitely be subscribing to Geez. Come this summer, I have sermons to read.

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