The (caffeinating) power of prayer

I am always happy to contemplate the merger of two of my favorite things, Christianity and coffee.

A ‘prayer cafe’ is being run by a local church in Croatia, to keep the kids coming in. At the Jedno cafe you pay for your food and drink with prayers.

“In the Acts of the Apostles, it says the disciples used to come together for a meal after the Eucharist, so we’re following a biblical ideal,” said Salesian Father Damir Stojic.

Parents and church leaders donate the food and drink. Three Our Fathers buy you a coffee (four for a cappuccino), a Coke is five Hail Marys and a Glory be. Not sure about the muffins, but a quick Memorare should do it, with a decade of the Rosary if you want choc chip.

What a great idea! See how they moved past the usual “let’s see how much we can charge” right into a different approach? I imagine this will work very well, if the coffee is good. People thirst for God. People thirst for coffee. So if you put the two together, it seems like a sure recipe for success.

From the Times Online, via the Blingdom of God.

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