Bye-bye Bloglines, greetings NewsGator

If you spend much time reading blogs, you get very well acquainted with your RSS aggregator (“reader”). I used to use Bloglines. I loved Bloglines. It was fast, above all else, and it had great features. Alas, over the weekend, it went kaput. Sometime on Saturday, it stopped working. Sometime on Sunday, I became a NewsGator user.

I could forgive the Bloglines outage. I used to work in IT, and I know that “things happen.” What I cannot forgive is the failure to communicate with customers during and after the outage. This is the anemic attempt to communicate with customers, and it was buried deep in the support fora:

Our team corrected the problem last night and are putting processes in place to minimize the possibility of this reoccurring in the future. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and comments. We appreciate your patience, and regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

That was written by someone named “askchristian”. It’s not even clear if this person works for Bloglines. There was nothing on the Bloglines front page or on the Bloglines news blog.

As you can tell, I am irritated by this. Ordinarily, I’d move on after taking a deep breath. But companies will continue to treat customers this way as long as we let them get away with it. So for now, I am recommending Google Reader or NewsGator. Though I love everything Google, the Reader doesn’t work for me. I’m switching to NewsGator. There are some shortcomings, but I love the fact that there’s a web version, a Mac client, a Windoze client, and a mobile client.

There’s no impact on you, as you read this blog. But I hope you’ll switch to another reader if you’re using Bloglines. And if you see me, don’t get me started….

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