Evolution of a worshiper

Over at the Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog, I ran across this cartoon, which originally appeared in Christianity Today.

Love this. It matches me, sort of. I started one notch in from the left, and I’ve ended one notch further to the right (we need a figure that’s either genuflecting or carrying a thurible). So often we evolve one way, or the other. To make this chart really accurate, we’d need an arrow to show that movement can go either way.

UPDATE: This cartoon — I am not surprised — turns out to be another fine example of Dave Walker’s work. Apparently, his nose must have been twitching, because he’s tracked down a number of blogs that have made use of this cartoon, mostly without citing him as the creator. I’m happy to give the correct attribution now. Sorry, Dave, for not getting it right the first time, and thanks for your generosity of spirit and your great work.

UPDATED UPDATE: My arrow both ways suggestion has been implemented over here. I don’t fancy I had anything to do with Bed Edson’s posting, but this does show the great cosmic link. Of something. This has been encouraged by Dave Walker. I’ll keep you posted.

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