Episcopal “Church” launches new MDG site

I’m not usually one of those cranks who’s out to prove that our bishops don’t believe in Jesus any more. Frankly, the charge is usually as absurd as many of the people making it. Looking at the Episcopal Church’s official website last evening, I happened to notice the list of “Priorities & Current initiatives.” One of those is a new website, Global Good.

I encourage you to check it out. It’s chock full of useful info about the Millennium Development Goals, how to achieve them, and why we should care. Great! I applaud. But there’s one problem. No where on the front page does the word “God” or “Jesus” appear. I checked. Twice.

At the risk of sounding like someone who hangs out in the cranky corner, I think I’d like this website even more if it cited “Jesus” or “the Gospel” as our mandate, rather than “General Convention” or the triennial “top mission priority.” Couldn’t they say something like, “As Christians, we are called to serve others as we offer the reconciling love of Jesus Christ to the world. Jesus himself taught us that when we serve the ‘least of these,’ we are serving Christ himself (Matthew 25: 31-46).”

I really like the MDGs. I think we can improve the lives of 100s of millions of people. This seems like a good thing for the Episcopal Church to do, and it might give us something to focus on other than who has sex with whom. But we are doing this not because of the U.N. or even General Convention. We are doing it because we are Christians. We are followers of Jesus Christ, and that is what we do.

If we don’t do this stuff for the right reasons, we are a “church” and not the Church.

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3 Responses

  1. Peter Carey says:

    Scott, really well – put….I have such an issue with folks who are Christian and Liberal, but feel like they can’t mention Jesus or God or the fact that their Faith does actually help to activate their lives and concern for the world …

    …I think that we, as The Episcopal Church, needs to continue to listen to some of those over at the cranky corner – some of those who don’t identify as “liberal” and who perhaps claim to be “evangelical” and are not ashamed of that identifier…

    I think that if we don’t give some Biblical and theological connection to our “works,” the result can be that people see no need for Church, or “church” or any of it!

    Great stuff!


  2. Mike says:


    I think if you go to the Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation website — http://www.e4gr.org — you’ll see what you’re hoping for.

    Christ’s peace,


  3. Scott Gunn says:

    Mike, yes, that’s more like it! Thanks for reminding me that there’s a voice for justice in ECUSA with the right perspective — or at least a Christian perspective.


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