Of politics and pollsters

OK, so I’m a bit of a political junkie. I enjoy C-SPAN. There. I said it. Tonight, I’ve cleared the calendar so I can watch returns from WI, WA, and HI. One of the things I do (and then wish I didn’t) is follow opinion polls. I also wish politicians would not follow them. Actual leadership is much better than sticking your finger in the proverbial wind to see which direction to go.

Polls are often wrong. For a lot of reasons. There are famous examples, and there are recent examples. Over on one of the newer blogs in my blogroll (pollster.com), there was some controversy. I think it’s sort of easy. Here’s the answer, in one handy graphic (from the Hartford Courant).

pie chart of polling problems

By the way, I steadfastly ignore all calls from SurveyUSA and any other polling group. So I guess I fit right into the big wedge, above.

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