Emergent superheroes

Yesterday morning was not the best morning for me at Christ Church. Let’s just say the announcements got out of control at our 10:30 service, and leave it at that. I was in a foul mood much of the afternoon, but then when I attended our Emmaus evening service, the Eucharist did its healing thing. Just about every week, I’m grateful for our alternative/emergent service, but this week, it really helped me. It’s nice to be fed.

Anyway, our service is just about what you’d expect for an emergent service. We have candlelight, some incense, and large projected images. Most of us sit on the floor. The music is modern. We share communion, passing the Body and Blood from person to person.

So when I saw this cartoon over at ASBO Jesus, I laughed.

If they had appeared, this is no doubt what they would have looked like. I didn’t see Batman & Robin yesterday, but we really didn’t need superheroes either. Jesus was present, in the breaking of bread and in the people who gathered.

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6 Responses

  1. Peter Carey says:

    Scott, glad to see your new blog…I have added it to my reader and I will be reading it with interest!
    Peace, Peter

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    Hey, thanks. Maybe I’ll make a video someday, following your lead.
    Pax, Scott

  3. Peter Carey says:

    I love that picture that you took of Bishop Akinola – (graduate of VTS, let me remind you)…

    You and I both know who should be making videos … I think, if she took it on, she would get a following to rival Fr. Matthew…

    Peace, Peter

  4. Scott Gunn says:

    Peter, yes, we need to get the aforementioned into the blogosphere first, I think. She’ll probably want to be in on it, because of this conversation.


  5. Beth says:

    Love that cartoon. Do you have an email adress for BAtman and Robin because I will invite them for next week’s Emmaus.


  6. Scott Gunn says:

    I don’t think we can call them on a regular phone. Instead, I think we need to shine a giant searchlight into the sky with the outline of a bat. That should do the trick.


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