What if clergy were like professional athletes?

My friend the Rev’d and the Honorable Tim Schenck (we are both on the Board of Governors of Episcopal Life, so I proposed at the last meeting that we should style ourselves like any other governor) writes a great blog, often filled with humor and wisdom.

Musing on the current baseball steroid-use controversies, Tim says this:

Of course this all makes me wonder what performance enhancing drugs for clergy might look like. And don’t tell me it’s the Holy Spirit. I’m talking about the clerical equivalent of human growth hormone. Would you take something if a quick shot in the sacristy made you a better preacher, more compassionate, or a crack administrator?

I don’t know. But if I’m ever called to testify before Congress, I’ll swear the only performance enhancing drug I’ve ever used is Advil.

If I were going to take performance-enhancing drugs for clerics, I’d want more patience, better listening skills, and greater ability to respond to leaking churches.

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