New life

I’ve just had to add a blog to my list of blogging friends in Rhode Island. My list is longer, but I had omitted blogs that hadn’t been active in a while. Then, just today, my RSS reader brought me to a new entry on the blog of the Rev’d Clare Fisher-Davies. Her writing is beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring. Whilst I tend to write about matters of some distance from myself, Clare writes about the struggles and joys that are closest to her heart.

Here’s a taste:

…I always was suspicious of people who said that some terrible catastrophe was a blessing. It sounded falsely pious to my cynical ears. But now I know what they mean. I would never have chosen this for Gerry – it’s been ghastly, and hard and painful and scary – but it has given us a deeper emotional intimacy with each other, it has taught me to open myself up to the care and support of others, it has given me insights into the world of the seriously ill…it’s grounded me more deeply in prayer. And most of all, this experience has taught me to be thankful.

I encourage you to read the rest of this post and to visit her blog. I’m glad for her news, mostly, and I’m also glad to see her at work in the blogosphere again. Deo gracias.

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