BabyBlue has video of new Anglican group

You might have read about the recent appointment of a Windsor Continuation Group (I am not making that up). Archbishop Rowan Williams wants to drag this out, I guess. Personally, I’d be happy if we merely did what Lambeth said we should do in either 1978 or 1988. But I digress.

Somehow, BabyBlueOnline has managed to sneak video of the first meeting of this group. Don’t believe my account of this feat of espionage? Check it out. It’s right there, in plain view. There is apparently no limit to what BabyBlue and her ilk will do to expose the inner workings of the Anglican bureaucracy.

(Warning: for the humor impaired — you should be on the lookout in this posting for irony.)

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1 Response

  1. Peter says:

    Three entries in one day: that’s blogerrific. I wish I knew what Lambeth said in 1977 or 1988 or whenever you’re referring to, so I could judge your irony.

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